Coffee cups!

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized


OK I admit it. I love my Takeaway coffee. Capppuccino in Australia and latte in the US as I found it really hard to get a good cup of cappuccino in the states. I get one a day! Apparently Starbucks go through approximately 4 billion coffee cups a year!

Till now I have grappled with those heavy ceramic mugs which lets face it, is simply too cumbersome to cart around. When I was in Perth I finally found a lightweight plastic cup called a Keepcup.

I love it and it fits easily in my handbag. Next step espresso machine 🙂


  1. suzysiu says:

    Agreed! I love my keepcups, they come in such fantastic colours, and it’s easy to keep it in my handbag. But what about men who are less likely to carry around bags? Do they plan ahead?
    You reminded me of this artwork, which depicts 410,000 paper cups, equal to the number of disposable hot-beverage paper cups used in the US every fifteen minutes – that’s disgusting.

    • Isis Nair says:

      I donated one of my keep cups to my husband and he says he loves using it. He keeps it at work. I agree that it might be more difficult for men to carry it around but most of the people I see using it are actually men! I assume they keep it in their office like my husband and bring it with them to get their caffeine fix.

      Interesting picture! Here is a funny story. I went to campos the other day so I could get a keep cup with a leak proof lid (i donated the one in the picture to my husband). The guy at the store said that its cheaper to buy the keep cup if I bought a coffee in it, I said ofcourse! That was my intention. He then said these keep cups don’t bring him in any money and wish they didn’t have to keep re-ordering it. I reminded him that he was saving money on not using take away cups and that it was all adding to his bottom line. We did some quick Maths and he realized he should be promoting the keep cups more!! cool hey? little by little 🙂

  2. Naja says:

    How about an aribica coffee tree? Just met someone who has one the other day! I want one!!!

    Coffee grounds go in the compost too 

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