Coconut oil and muslin bags

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Uncategorized


A source of packaging waste, money expenditure and irritation for me is moisturizers. I have gone through so many! So I have decided to try extra virgin coconut oil on my face! Particularly to get rid of the hereditary dark circles. Day 3 of the experiment and I admit I have breakouts. They are not the too little sleep and too much chocolate combined with maybe too much alcohol kind of Breakout. They seem less threatening. For this reason I have decided its because my skin is not used to such an influx of nutrients. Time will tell.

Also I added some yummy smelling essential oil to my evoo body moisturizer. Photo above. Now I don’t smell like salad. Woohoo.

On other packaging news I read on zeroswastehome that organic muslin bags are great for buying fruit and behest and storing in your fridge. It prolongs storage. However I can’t seem to find those bags in Brisbane or online for the life of me. I think I might be forced to buy bulk from what am I going to do with 300 bags though?

Alright what kind of natural facial moisturizers have worked for you? And who would like some Muslin bags?  Anyone?


  1. Mansi says:

    You know, I’ve been wanting to try that EVOO and Essential Oil combo for a long time, but have been too lazy. Just switched to organic, cruelty-free (ie, expensive) lotions instead :/ If you’re pulling this off, it’s definitely inspiring to give it a shot!

    • Isis Nair says:

      Hi! I should post an update to this. I love using EVOO for skin. It works beautifully. Coconut oil is great too. At the moment I am using coconut oil as I have a lot of it and don’t really use it in cooking. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my face very well as it irritated my eyes. I did a bit of research and others who have done laser surgery have had the same issue.

  2. emmy says:

    I just acquired some muslin bags from wholefoods. And by acquired i mean they weren’t wrapped up for sale anymore so i ‘assumed’ they were for grabs and an environmental donation from whole foods. And i love them and would love more 🙂
    So you’re in australia permanently now??

    • Isis Nair says:

      Yep in Australia permanently! I gave up my muslin cloth bag search as I am not trying to figure how to reuse things instead of buying things to serve my purpose. I have managed to re-purpose laundry bags for storing veges.

      What do you use your muslin bags for?

  3. Emmy says:

    I use them in the bulk section for oats granola dates raisins nuts and those yummy dried banana chips. Makes sense no to buy packaging 🙂 we have a lo of plastic bags which could be repurposed as veggie bags but we use it for kitty litter anyway. I often jus let veggies be free in the cart or Basie and at checkout put them in their appropriate bunches and the cashier never has had a problem with that

    • Isis Nair says:

      ah yes that my original idea behind the muslin bags. Our bulk store has paper bags which I am planning to re-use on my next trip. Or I was just going take our jars that hold the item in question and they said they would just take the tare weight off 🙂

      Not using those silly plastic bags to hold veges and fruit together is the simplest and most effective waste reducing step! I do the same which is just bunch them together for them to weigh. Its a tiny bit more inconvenient but I also noticed they don’t mind. Anyways I am moved to getting fruit&veges delivered might I would love to go to a farmers market instead. Just wish there was one walking distance!

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