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I haven’t been updating this blog. Clearly. However, it hardly speaks to the what I have been doing behind the scenes. This project has been the single most effective value system I have come up with for making everyday living decisions. It comes down to one simple question ‘Does this create waste?’ Thinking about this allows me to choose. It actually helps with narrowing down the immense choices we are confronted with on a day to day basis.

Anyways. I have a problem. I love convenience and this particularly applies to home delivered fruit and vegetables. We have been using I did a pros/cons of many online delivery stores and decided these guys provided organic meat, fantastic Barambah milk and dairy plus fruits & veges ofcourse. The only issue is their wasteful use of packaging for some of their products. After several emails, they now bring the produce in a cardboard box instead of a Styrofoam box. They do take it back which is good. They line all their boxes with large plastic bags which they say is a Food/Safety regulation. If I order any sort of meat/dairy, it comes surrounded in plastic bags filled with ice. The meat sits in Styrofoam trays covered in plastic, then more plastic bags.

I am at a loss. I can definitely reduce waste if I go to my local fruit and vege shop to get these items. Conveniently, they are next to a butcher too. However, I absolutely loathe going to the mall. I would prefer to go to a market but there is none particularly close by. My husband says ordering direct online means we are get the produce straight from market to door (effectively) saving on all the refrigeration and transport that goes into the produce in the local store. A supermarket would be much worse ofcourse.

Before I give up on, I think I will try a few other online options to see what their ‘waste’ policy is.

What would you do?

  1. suzysiu says:

    Good on you for getting them to stop using styrofoam! I’ve used a number of fruit & veg delivery places in Sydney, and none have lined the cardboard box with a plastic bag – however perhaps the regulations are different in Queensland due to the heat. But definitely worth trying some more organisations! I love the convenience too, and it means I eat more fruit & veg.

    • Isis Nair says:

      Thanks Suzy! Yes the plastic bag sounded dubious. I also asked Barambah organics why they do provide milk in glass and they said they were pressured by Food and Safety too in case of breakages. They seemed genuine so I believe them.

  2. Naja says:

    Mum uses Aussie farmers direct for veg boxes etc, they use box with no plastic apart from around lettuce etc. Mostly loose though. I think she puts a cool box outside when she’s expecting milk or bacon etc so they can just pop it in the cool box. I know it may be convenient to get it delivered like this, but I think there ends up being more waste as they send too many things that don’t get eaten in time. We don’t need 20 carrots a week for example! I guess soon our veg garden will hopefully provide enough so we don’t need to order boxes.

    • Isis Nair says:

      I should try Aussie farmers. I like homefreshorganics as they deliver organic milk which I prefer for baby. Homefresh also lets your customize the order so we don’t get waste. Feel free to let me know if you have extra veges and fruit. I can share recipes or take them off you!

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