The Reuse mantra

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have thinking about what ‘reuse’ really means. In the spirit of re-organizing my life to become more waste free, I realized I was buying things new to help me in this mission. I bought storage jars etc. I realized this is just creating a new type of waste. I should really be going to garage sales or looking online to find used goods.

My nature has always been the find a solution and then implement quickly. Quickly being the key word. I am obsessed with efficiency and it seemed inefficient to me to go hunting around for a second hand item when I could pick it up at Target.

Being waste free is actually a way of life more than I realized. It is so utterly unglamorous and this takes some getting used to. In essence is it is about embracing living a simpler life. This means actually NOT buying things and thinking of creative ways to get around buying something. I now ask myself ‘can I make it?’ it usually leads me down an adventurous path of looking up recipes and creative ways to store things.

My inspiration to go more second hand/used has been mostly fed by my fantastic neighbors. They go to garage sales every weekend and do such a great job of re-use. They also have a great business selling kids clothing (a huge form of waste in my household though happy to say I have bought less than 5 new pieces of clothing for my daughter ever).

So I am turning this up a notch. Wish me luck in buying things second hand!

What items have you had luck sourcing used/second-hand?

  1. I recommend FreeCycle honey!!! It’s people all over the world who believe in recycling…

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