More stuff = less time

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My waste free efforts have been slipping recently and I realized it came down to the domino effect of having more stuff. You see, two weeks ago, we got our shipment of furniture and goods all the way from San Francisco. I was ecstatic! I finally have all my clothes and a nice couch to sit on. The couch is definitely nice but the clothes just stress me out.

So back to how my garbage can is starting to pile up again. I am getting lazier and buying convenience things which often just come with more packaging. Especially as we have had a few special occasions to celebrate. I am finding that I have less time to think of creative ways to achieve my goal with less waste. I have less patience with fighting the organizations that provide excessive waste. I wondered why I suddenly had less time and less energy to devote to this? One answer. More Stuff.

I seem to be doing more dishes because we just seemed to have more dishes so we just use more of them. I take more time to make a decision about what to wear. I take too long deciding what to cook after getting distract by the pile of recipe books.  I seem to constantly be taking stuff out of shelves and putting stuff back on shelves. I wont even mention the boxes of children’s toys that manage to distribute themselves evenly over our floor.

Then there is the TV. Even though we have consciously not connected the TV, we did get a lot of DVDs from our friend and Modern Family has been an addiction. I digress. All this adds up to a lot of time that I spend doing and not thinking, especially outside as we now have indoor furniture.

I always foolishly believed that purchases we made were solely designed to make our lives more efficient. However any efficiency gained here is consumed by organizing, sorting, washing or simply dealing with the extra stuff. The solution I have decided is to UN- STUFF my life. I will reclassify what is essential and once I have done that, I will do it again.

Wish me luck….Inspire me with your stories of un-stuffing…

  1. suzysiu says:

    Good luck! I’d be interested to hear how you go, I also have too much stuff!

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Could not agree more! As a perennial pack rat, you’ve inspired me to get rid of/repurpose/throw away one thing per day for the next few weeks (this morning it was an old blush that I haven’t used in months)…wish me luck. 😉

    • Isis Nair says:

      awesome AML! let me know how you go. I have been doing something similar where i put things away that we dont need on a as needed basis. Example, Maya’s clothes!

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