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Having another baby!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized


How is this relevant to the photo of a toilet you ask? well.. I will get to it 🙂

Firstly, the lack of writing is because I am pregnant with my second child and having suffered through the first trimester, I have emerged to feel a bit more myself. I will also have to guiltily admit that being pregnant and starting back at university has reduced my energy to be as waste free as I used to be. Enough is enough so I am back. 

I am not going to farmers markets instead back using my local organic delivery site. They use more packaging than me going to a market but energy to wake up at 6am has greatly diminished. Having said all that here are some tips to be waste free/environmentally friendly. 

+ I discovered this toilet attachment mechanism . I have never seen it or used it before but it is so intriguing. It would reduce toilet paper and it seems less weird to me than probably to most people given I grew up partly in the middle east where Bidets are common place. I would also argue it is more hygienic. 

+ A better toothbrush : Biodegradable toothbrush! $36 for pack of 12? sign me up. Enough said, I hate plastic toothbrushes.

+ Reuse your glass jars: Next time you buy something, see if you can get it in a glass jar instead of plastic. We reuse our jars for storing home made jam, bulk items, leftovers, chocolate etc. We also reuse yogurt containers to store crayons, pencils and pens.

+ Spend your money on services: This is a fundamental shift and less a tip than a philosophy perhaps. But I have decided consciously to try stop buying things new because I think I ‘need it’ Instead I try to get it second hand which is harder work. This saves money ofcourse but it is not a good enough reason for me so I figure how can I get the satisfaction of a beautiful new thing? Well pamper on services!! I get my nails done regularly. I love looking at them, much happier than an extra dress or pair of shoes i might wear once in a while. Instead of getting more new toys for my child, I have signed her up for various classes that she really enjoys. Expensive but probably cheaper than plastic toys in the long run given we are never paying for the real environmental cost. 

That’s all for today folks! since I am not using facebook anymore (I was wasting too much time on it) I am not too sure how I will spread the word of this article but more importantly being back and writing has motivated me to jump back on the waste free lifestyle again.